Polly's Exhibition

The Public Baths.jpg

by Hulya Corty

Hi there! I’m Hulya, the new freelance producer here at BETC London.  I like photography and illustration and try to surround myself with it as much as possible. So I decided to visit my friend Polly’s very first exhibition in Peckham and asked her some questions.

Polly is a young artist who is excited by the people and situations that happen just in front of her eyes every day.  Real life is her muse. Real people are her inspiration.
Don’t expect to see perfection; the beauty lies in the imperfections of the people Polly draws. Obviously in a slightly exaggerated way, but that makes it all even more fun to look at.
I had to get my hands on a print called ‘The Public Baths’. Puts a smile on my face, that’s for sure.
Her work has so far been featured in Elle Collections Magazine, Suitcase Magazine and many more.


What inspires you?

I do follow the work of other artists, but mostly my inspiration comes from conversations.
I have or overhear, articles I read and the people around me. What usually starts as an observation usually escalates to a weird joke and that is what manifests itself on the page.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

Since I was a child it was always Quentin Blake, but as I got older and more of a bad person.
I fell in love with artists like David Shrigley and Grayson Perry. I like artists who aren't afraid to draw a penis or two.

Do you listen to music when you draw? If yes, which is your favourite?

Yes, I have to. I don't have anywhere private to work so I'm always trying to zone out of the situation I am in, forget about real life and lose myself in weirdness. At the moment I like listening to anything that sounds like it has been made by disco aliens in space, like this.

If you are around South East London during January, go to The Peckham Pelican                                                              

If you want to see more of Polly’s work, click here, and worth a follow on instagram @pom_lette.