Proud to present our first Rimmel campaign

We recently made a new film for Rimmel, launching the new brand tagline ‘Live the London Look’ and a new brand attitude. Everybody I work with knows I love beauty, but when writing this post, I wanted to explore the reasons for this passion in a bit more detail. 

There are probably as many definitions of beauty as there are people on this planet:

Brands are starting to catch up with the notion that beauty can not be defined - and it means something different to everybody. We need to take this truth seriously and do our best to represent and speak to a wide audience. We are connecting with savvy young men and women, a lot of whom look up to the brand and are highly engaged in the conversation. They will call out brands who don’t listen or move with the times. This is exactly why casting was such an important part of our Rimmel Anthem film. We wanted to give our audience a voice and an opportunity to tell us what beauty and makeup means to them. By giving real girls and guys a voice we are speaking with them rather than at them.

It is never boring:

Thanks to YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest I don’t think anybody could ever run out of nail art ideas, tips on how to contour and to generally learn & experiment. This is exciting, both for consumers and advertisers particularly when working on a brand such as Rimmel which is not afraid to push boundaries and experiment. It's even more tempting to try the ‘no-makeup’ look or a new lipstick shade when there are so many affordable products out there. Today - everybody has a chance to play.

It's indulgent:

For me it is indulgent in ways which may not be obvious, the biggest indulgence being time. The time that I take for myself to put on that blush, to play with eye shadows, etc. It’s meditative in a way to slow down and take the time to touch my face, to concentrate, to not be distracted by technology and life.

I am also amazed at what a difference a red lip can make on most women and how an under eye concealer can hide so many secrets.

And because what we all really want to know is what our audience thinks, I asked some teens for their thoughts on our latest film. Here is what they had to say:

·      We like the modern aspect of it and how there are different ethnicities/different types of people included. We find it inspiring how there are a variety of looks not just models- it makes it original.

·      Like how it’s not being the image of ‘perfection’

·      The different paces alongside the urban ‘strong-beated’ music make it engaging.

·      The slower end re-iterates the moral – to be yourself, very well.

·      We did think that the room in which the nails were painted did not look too ‘aspirational’. 

There's a lot  more coming and we can't wait to share with you.

Watch this space and 'Live the London look' 😝