A sneak peek in to one of our new campaigns

We recently shot a campaign for one of our lovely Danone clients. The stars of the show – babies! Over three days, many locations and even more coo’ing little people, we bring you a sneak peek behind the scenes as we prepare to launch the campaign next month. 

Day 1
Call Time – A very early 8AM
Wrap Time –  A very reasonable 7PM
Location – A beautiful house in the depths of East London (estimated value a whopping £2M)
Shooting – Here we filmed and photographed six adorable babies.
Most memorable moment – the cute babies! They behaved very well and we were delighted with the results.
What we learned - babies tend to feel more comfortable in a familiar setting, such as a house vs a studio which can be big and intimidating for them!

When creatives get hot they lean on each other and take their shoes off. Cool.

The location house we’ll never be able to afford. Sigh.

Fiver if you can spot the bee.

Day 2
Call Time – Another early start - 8AM
Wrap Time – we left the house location at 7PM and hopped straight on a train to Kent for the following day’s shoot.
Location – Haggerston Park,  Stepney City Farm & East London
Shooting – Some sunny park shots, the very first of its kind pram cam, our lovely product and the coolest grandad in the world. Then even more babies before heading into the wild at the city farm.
Most memorable moment – Going into the chicken’s den! We sent our brave cameraman, director and art director to get close-ups of the beaky folk whilst trying to avoid getting pecked!

Spring has sprung in Haggerston Park

Respect the product.

Never work with babies or animals. We worked with both.

Donkeys: useless at hide and seek.


Kindred spirits.

Ever wondered what became of the three little pigs?

Day 3
Call Time – Urgh 6AM
Wrap Time – Yay 6PM
Location – Margate
Shooting – We open on a beach… Viking Bay in Broadstairs to be precise. Cue seagull pandemonium, pram cam on the sand and sunburn all round…
Most memorable moment – shooting the seagulls! Turns out the winged wonders are happy to pose if you have a handful of chips for them to gobble down.

Early bird catches the beach sunrise.

We did like to be by the seaside.

Viking Bay, Broadstairs.

Viking Bay, Broadstairs.

Going the extra mile for the seagull shots.

Art Directors: Anything to show off a half tense.

By the time everyone else arrived we had 6,264 shots of the seagulls.

The sun shines out of this art director’s head. 

A fishy finish to proceedings.

Glasses in the air if you’ve got semi-serious sunstroke.

Authors: Karolina & James