Let's do a quick brainstorm

‘Let’s do a quick brainstorm’. Usually floated as the best course of action when something’s either not been cracked, or has been forgotten about. But in the spirit of trying a few new things we had an all agency brainstorm this week - none of the earlier scenarios was actually the case. For the record.

Now I know a brainstorm isn’t a new thing. And people have also been writing about new ways to do them for years. But here’s what felt new and good about it. At least to me.

  • We had a simple, likeable, brief and we weren't under any pressure. 
  • It was quick. We gave ourselves 30mins - in fact by the time things started we had 28.
  • There wasn’t a lot of discussion. People first came up with their own ideas and then got into small groups to pick a small selection of what they thought was best.
  • The decision makers were identified at the start and they had the final say. No discussion. (teams had about a minute each to present their selected ideas).
  • It wasn’t very hard.
  • It was enjoyable, because everyone did it. 
  • It yielded some results. After 28mins we had a bunch of not very good ideas and a few pretty good ones.

I know this is not a seismic event in the world of creative processes. The idea of mixing up collective brainstorming and individual thinking isn’t that revolutionary. It also won’t replace any other process we have. Or get in Campaign. Or on it’s own probably excite Clients.

But, it’s something we now know we can do. People liked it. And I think it paints a bigger picture of the fact we’re just happy to try some stuff. Oh, and as I said, we got a couple of ideas out of it.